Our Tourism Policy

Foodie’s Tour Istanbul family believes in responsible tourism.Responsible tourism means for us sustainable, sensitive and beneficial tourism that is everything else mass tourism is not.

We put a great weight following the UNWTO(World Committee on Tourism Ethics) and “Responsible Travel.org” guidelines to the fullest extend. We have also our additional guidelines, which we think as defining responsible tourism in the tourism niche and country we are operating:

Provide an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere for our guests.

Do not overcrowd the food venues and divide the guide attention by keeping group sizes small.

To have a deep knowledge on food, culture and history of the city and the country. To develop and sustain our culinary expertise.

Provide for our guests a window into the local culture and opportunuties to interact with the local people.

Provide a unique experience, avoid mass tourism methods, be flexiable for customization following needs and desires of our guests.

Provide certified and tax paying guiding service as it should be as clearly dictated by the Turkish law.

Actively work to support dying out food traditions, local produce and organic initiatives in the city and country

Choose Food venues with the highest quality ingridients and organic food whenever possible.

Do not leave back all non-degradable litter, reduce our carbon footprint and use recycled paper for every kind of printed material.