As every service provider present on the web, we also collect, process and use personal data via the internet. Our strict privacy policy assures that your personal data stays private and handled in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

data controller

Foodie’s Tour Istanbul, Esref Efendi caddesi no: 70 sisli Istanbul, hereafter referred as FTI or data controller, is the part which bears the responsibility for the protection of private information.

Personal Data:

In this article personal data stands for all data which relate to internet users and service buyers, whether it is

1 – direct information about the them.

2 – indirect information which can lead to making inferences about them including their intentions/opinions/preferences.

3- or information relating to any person in connection with them.

which can enter into the possesion of the data controller.

Data protection laws

FTI follows the applicable data protection acts of all major countries of Europe and USA as well as the local data protection act “kisisel verilerin korunmasina dair kanun taslagi” in Turkey.

Collecting processing and using data

The collection, process and use of the personal data of individuals using the FTI services and website follows only the explicit consent of the internet users and service buyers.

Data collected as part of the internet statistics is on agrregate level and unpersonal.

FTI’s policy is to collect the minimum amount of data neccessary for tour booking.

Personal data that is required when creating a booking is name, e-mail, mobile phone number address, date and number of participants as well as any possible comments the service buyer would like to add.

Billing information is collected later, as payment will be collected at the tour end.

Other data which relates only to a limited part of internet users and service buyers is data acquired as part of the blog comments, reviews and correspondence on the website or by e-mail or phone or during the tour.

The processing and use of all the above mentioned data is under the responsibility of FTI, which strictly follows the common data protection acts as well as the local Turkish data Protection law.

FTI will under no circimstances share your personal data with third parties. Since FTI as part of its %100 satisfaction policy demands the total amount due only at the tour end and only from its 100% satisfied customers, we don’t need to transfer payment related information on the internet to third parties. FTI keeps the number of its members having access to personal data at a minimum and obligates them to follow FTI privacy guideline.

FTI uses you e-mail for occasianal marketing activities and informative mailing only based on your declaration of consent. E-mails provided during booking will not be used for these activities. Only e-mails submitted through newsletter subscription will be used for this end. Unsubscribe link in the e-mail or any other form of contact can be used to exit e-mailing lists with immediate effect.

Cookies & internet statistics & Google Analytics

FTI site itself doesn’t use cookies but FTI uses Google Anaytics which is a service of Google Inc. (hereafter referred as Google) and which uses cookies to generate reports for us evaluating generic behaviour and profile of FTI website visitor. Such information is on aggregate level and includes technical information such as browser type, device used, screen resolution, referral link, Average time and clicks on FTI site etc. This storage and evaluation of this data is done anonymously and exclusively for statistical purposes for the end goal of providing you a top class user experience.

Time of Data Storage

Tour booking information will only be stored in out database for the amount of years we are legally obligated by the Turkish law.

Should we acquire personal data from individuals who shares it for the purpose of establishing contact, we will store data only for as long as it is required Once the personal data is no longer required, it will be immediately deleted.

Right to alteration of personal data:

You have the right to demand at any time alteration or deletion of your personal data stored by FTI, or information about the existence of such data. Information at contact us page can be used for this end.