Foodie’s Tour Istanbul is a newer approach in the currently popularizing culinary tours and food walks realm. Food, without any doubt, is as an essential part of every memorable experience in a foreign country and culture. In destinations such as Istanbul, in particular, history and long-standing traditions turn discovery of local tastes to an adventure. At least for the dilligent traveller, as in istanbul-sized touristical megacities high quality and genuine local food is not within the immediate reach of the city visitor. In Istanbul and similar cities, equally hard is also having any kind of genuine experience beyond the one predefined for you by the tourism industry, allthough a city like istanbul has much more to offer than Blue Mosque and much more to reveal than that written in common guide books.

As Foodie’s Tour Istanbul family, we put a lot of effort to create unique food tours fitting the depth of cities history and traditions. Every single tour is an opportunity to get to know and experience a unique thing about the city, let the thing be a night out, a unique sightseing or a discovery of some of the different ways the city manifests itself. In other words foodie’s tour is not about taking you “off-the tourist track”, following the “beaten path” or show you the “local way of life” etc. etc. We also don’t claim to introduce you Turkish cuisine and local delicious food. We take these for granted. What we aim for is an extraordinary experience in the city with exquisite food stops. As the parts of the Istanbul that characterize the city and stand out with their deep roots are usually also the same parts of the city which stand out with the number ea of extraordinary eateries, the two aims, providing only exquisite food(and not good enough food) and a unique city experince in every single tour are not competing but complementing aims when you have the knowledge and patience to create the tour which is not food tour, but “foodies tour”.