Goldenhorn Gastronomy

Food & Sightseing Tour

88 per person   |    
6 hours

If you are the adventurous foodie, who wants to sample a variety of traditional and regional Turkish food while walking through history, this tour is something for you. In the most historic neighbourhoods of the city, you will meet the glory of former Constantinople and foremost representants of Turkish food traditions, but no tourist crowds…


In the depths of Goldenhorn, where quite few tourists ever set foot, lie the real treasures of Istanbul: Oldest surviving residential areas in the historical peninsula adorned with houses, mansions,institutions and temples of every sizable ethnic and religious group of the once quite cosmopolitan imperial city. These treasures and many other remnants of the glorious history of the city serve as the backdrop of our Goldenhorn Gastronomy tour. This makes the tour already an exceptional food tour. After all you don’t get to see this much of impressive monuments in a regular sightseeing tour! All from hill-top imperial mosques to the byzantine churches and orthodox patriarchy, from a Unesco conservation area in the hills to the most picturesque streets of the city alongside the former sea walls are in the itinerary of this exceptional tour.

As magical as its setting is also the food in Goldenhorn Gastronomy tour. It is no wonder that the neighbourhoods, which are by far the oldest in the city, are also host to some of the oldest food traditions of Istanbul. To be more precise, the area with its historic food establishments and extraordinary food masters is the foremost gastronomic center in Istanbul when it comes to Turkish food. We must add at this point, that we had the hardest time setting up the food itinerary of this tour as there is no shortage of mind-blowing tastes in this area.

After a meticulous selection of the endless array of food and sightseeing options in the area, we created a tour we are proud of. Since the tour itinerary covers a large area, however, we must warn, that it is more physically demanding than our other tours. But if you are the adventurous foodie, which wants to admire the history of the city in common neighborhoods instead of overcrowded touristic areas and which doesn’t want to settle for good food, when there is exceptional food, this tour is something for you..

  • Make a breakfast with Turkish delicacies collected from charming market street
  • Try the best Turkish pizza in town, secret ottoman tastes and the herbed Turkish sausage
  • Stroll through one of the ten most interesting streets in the world according to New York Times
  • Have an exceptional meat dish in a restaurant praised by A. Bourdain and Discovery channel
  • Visit the second largest Byzantine church complex in the city and the orthodox patriarchy
  • Discover one of the four conversation areas in Istanbul and its lovely wooden houses
  • Admire the aqueduct and cisterns of the impressive roman water supply system.
  • Visit two of the six imperial mosques adorning the hilltops of the city
  • Enjoy spectacular Goldenhorn views and common neighbourhood sceneries.
  • Stroll through the most historic, charming and picturesque streets in the city
  • Sample Turkish pickled vegetables and amazing black sea style beans
  • Enjoy rakı and exceptionally good Turkish appetizers in the most illustrious tavern in the city
  • End the day with the best Turkish coffee in town, made with six different ingridients
Tour days: Every week day except Monday & Friday
Meeting Time: 10:00 AM
Estimated finish time: 16:15
Meeting point: Banks at the entry/exit of “Vezneciler” metro station. Find direction and map below.
Good to know:

*Remarking dietary restrictions, should there be any, during booking can help us modify the tour as much as possible according to your specific needs.

*Being at the same time a sightseing tour, this tour is the most walking intensive among our tours. Food stops assure, however, that it is physically less demanding than most of the sightseing tours in Istanbul.

*Taking a shawl with you(women) and wearing clothes that cover shoulders and knees(men and women) can guarantee that we have no problem during the enteries of historical mosques.

*This information table will be e-mailed to you the day before the confirmed tour date latest at 10 pm along with the contact information and a photo of your tour guide.


From Galata, Taksim or districts further north of the city: Take the metro, leave at “Vezneciler” station. There is just one exit.

From Sultanahmet, Karakoy or Kabatas: Take the tram to Grand Bazaar direction. Leave at “Laleli- Universite” station(The one after Grand Basaar) Take the first street to right(Buyuk Resitpasa caddesi) and walk up that street until it ends in a road. You should see the “Vezneciler” metro station across the road.

From The Asian side: Take Marmaray(Subway system that crosses Bosphorus strait). Change in “Yenikapi” to M2 metro line. Leave M2 in the next station( “Vezneciler” station). There is just one exit.

Meeting point for Goldenhorn Tour