Twilight in Taksim

Food & Night Tour

98 per person   |    
6 hours

Epicurean Istanbul nights invite you to the vibrant night scene of Taksim. For those who wonder how the city lives past 6pm, amazing night food specialities, bustling streets, raki, music, local style entertainment and a legendary night is all packed up in one exciting night food tour


Istanbul is one of those cities, where life continues after the sunset. In our view, an Istanbul stay without a night out, whether it is for tasting or for partying, is an incomplete Istanbul stay. Taksim area, which is the central entertainment hub of the city, is the obvious choice for the night tours in the city. While majority of night tours concentrate on either the food or entertainment part of the tour, we choosed to design a more balanced tour for the following reasons:

  • There is a strong night food culture in the Istanbul, especially around Taksim area. Here you can find inventions of Taksim food scene, food that is meant to be socialized, backstreet gems known by the conscious night foodie etc. etc. We are convinced that these exciting food options deserve attention in every night tour.
  • Our experience shows that with every single bite of wonderful Taksim food you will get more and more uplifted. Strolling through the bustling streets of Taksim will add up to your energy. The obvious question is why not end the night with a legendary entertainment while you are in Taksim. Our venue for this purpose is a classic Turkish tavern. We believe that a good quality Turkish tavern should be the end point of every night tour in Istanbul. First of all it is unique and local, but maybe more importantly it is for everyone: Regardless of your age, music taste, dancing capabilities, we believe(and experience)that there is no way that you are not going to be moved by the tavern rhythms and withstand the urge to join the dancing crowd between the tables.
  • Discover the busy side streets and trendy neighbourhoods around Taksim.
  • Understand why Taksim is the king of night food.
  • Witness that the weirdest of ingredients can create a taste explosion.
  • Sample internationally renowned modern inventions of Taksim’s night scene.
  • Try refined Anatolian food following the “reverse fusion” motto.
  • Discover delicacies of the ottoman court in two of the oldest establishments of Taksim.
  • Join the social atmosphere in a ocakbaşı, literally “around the grill”.
  • Sample juicy kebab in a venue, which acquired international fame.
  • End the night in a Turkish Tavern accompanied by raki, mezes, dance and music.
  • Have a big smile,a good mood and a full stomach on the way to your hotel.
Tour days: Every week day except Friday & Saturday
Meeting Time: 18:00
Estimated finish time: 24:00
Meeting point: Entrance of “The Marmara” Hotel at the Taksim Square.
Good to know:

*Remarking dietary restrictions, should there be any, during booking can help us modify the tour as much as possible according to your specific needs.

*Comfortable walking shoes are recommended as the tour includes moderate amounts of walking.

*This information table will be e-mailed to you the day before the confirmed tour date latest at 10 pm along with the contact information and a photo of your tour guide.


Taksim Square is the most central square in the city, which can easily be reached by metro or by taking the funicular subway from Kabatas, which is the end station of the tram line