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Food & Sightseing Tour on the third and fourth hills

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5,5 hours

If you want to move a little further than Sultanahmet and Grandbasaar, and discover the sights and tastes of the third and fourth hills, this tour is something for you

food and sightseing tour

In this tour we will take you from the point of historical peninsula, which is usually the furthest point, a tourist gets, namely Suleymaniye mosque complex, and will explore with you rest of the third hill as well as the fourth hill. These hills are the oldest muslim neighbourhoods of the city and are home to two of the four Unesco protected zones of Istanbul and two of the largest mosque complexes from Ottoman time and a quart of the surviving churches from Byzantine time. The imposing monuments of the past are accompanied in these neigbourhoods, by cobblestone streets, oldest wooden houses of the historical peninsula, picturesque Ottoman gravestones, fountains and sebils etc. This is exacly why these two hills are home to two Unesco protected areas. One can literally return to the past of the city visiting these hills in way, which is not possible in another part of the city, even in cSultanahmet area.

Third and fourth hills are not only interesting from a sightseing point of view. Being ancient residential areas, they are also home to some of the oldest food traditions in the city. Some of the food stops here are unique in the sense, that they are the only producers of some kind of special food or drink in the whole city. The stronghold of the food traditions in this region attracts also other traditional minded masters. Therefore third and fourth hills have through time acquired the status of a gourmet center for traditional tastes including those from other parts of Turkey.

Considering the richness of both historical sights as well as traditional tastes prepared by top of their class masters on the third and fourth hills, it should be no suprise that some part of this area is common in both of our food & sightseing tours. Well, also let us add, that we do the Indigenous & Ingenious tour also for locals. They love it, and we have no doubt that this tour which suprises our Turkish guests living in Istanbul, will suprise you, too.

  • Explore third and fourth hills and complete your discovery of historical peninsula
  • Let the gourmet tour, which is originally devised for the local population, suprise you.
  • See the street in the top 10 list of NY Times for the most interesting streets in the world
  • Try some exquisite kebabs before you leave Istanbul
  • Try the best Turkish pizza in Istanbul cooked in the wood fire with exceptional ingridients
  • Discover two of the four Unesco conversation areas in Istanbul
  • Listen to the history of the largest mosque complexes of the empire
  • Discover some of the most interesting byzantine churches in town
  • Enjoy spectacular Goldenhorn views and common neighbourhood sceneries
  • Stroll through the most historic, charming and picturesque streets in the city
  • Taste the most delicious Turkish drinks you can hardly find anywhere else
  • Try the one Istanbul desert as old as the Turkish period in the city
  • Baklava is not everything! Try the Turkish milky deserts
Tour days: Every week day except Saturday & Monday
Meeting Time: 10:00 AM
Estimated finish time: 15:30
Meeting point: Banks at the entry/exit of “Vezneciler” metro station. Find direction and map below.
Good to know:

*Remarking dietary restrictions, should there be any, during booking can help us modify the tour as much as possible according to your specific needs.

*Taking a shawl with you(women) and wearing clothes that cover shoulders and knees(men and women) can guarantee that we have no problem during the enteries of historical mosques.

*This information table will be e-mailed to you the day before the confirmed tour date latest at 10 pm along with the contact information and a photo of your tour guide.


From Galata, Taksim or districts further north of the city: Take the metro, leave at “Vezneciler” station. Take the “16 Mart Şehitleri” exit

From Sultanahmet, Karakoy or Kabatas: Take the tram to Grand Bazaar direction. Leave at “Laleli- Universite” station(The one after Grand Basaar) Take the first street to right(Buyuk Resitpasa caddesi) and walk up that street until it ends in a road. You should see the “Vezneciler” metro station across the road.

From The Asian side: Take Marmaray(Subway system that crosses Bosphorus strait). Change in “Yenikapi” to M2 metro line. Leave M2 in the next station( “Vezneciler” station). Use the “16 Mart Şehitleri” exit.

Meeting point for Goldenhorn Tour