About Foodie’s Tour Istanbul Family

Foodie’s Tour Istanbul is the project of a collection of gourmet born culinary and history/culture ethusiaist in Istanbul. Short after our small communities weekend “food walks” and “city walks” turned to guided tours for wider friends circle, We remembered the fact that we leave in a city of tourist crowds. Tourists crowds that, sadly, barely leave their safe home around Taksim and Sultanahmet.

The fact that we had no shortage of culinary professionals and professional tourist guides in the group shaped our unique “Foodie’s tour” concept In Short, Foodie’s tour is about leaving the so called “off the tourist track” practice, where you introduce your guests the outer circle of touristy areas along with some ordinary local food. It is about discovering in each tour one unique part of the city and one unique side of life in it with extraordinary food stops approved by the local gourmet palates. We believe in boutique style tourism, that follows the guidelines of responsible tourism and that is provided by the enthusiastic locals for the concious visitor that favors a unique, local and intimate experience over the packages of mass tourism or over the so called “off the tourist track” walks